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Our Approach and Values

“If you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail”
Popular Aphorism

A business revolves around products and/or services, often involving several constituencies such as: customers, prospects, suppliers, employees, management, owners and competitors.  Although the business challenges are sometimes common, the appropriate strategy and related initiatives are unique to each business. 

Valuable information and insights can often be obtained from overlooked sources.  At Solstice, we gather facts from many different perspectives and sources to properly diagnose the challenges and prescribe the right strategy.  Our approach is to listen attentively and to treat everyone with great respect. 

We prefer to be very inclusive with the management team when obtaining opinions and concerns, gathering facts, formulating a going forward vision, and developing the key initiatives that will achieve the plan. We believe that when you share the facts, you share the conclusions.  Strategy without execution is a dream and execution without key management buy-in is corporate paralysis. 

Our values consist of intellectual honesty, analytical rigour, discretion, cooperation and a bias for action

  • Intellectual Honesty: where facts override anecdotes, new information is welcomed and analyzed and curiosity is strongly encouraged. 
  • Analytical Rigour: ensures that all potential scenarios and sources have been considered. 
  • Discretion: encourages team members to share their thoughts in a trusting environment.  
  • Cooperation: encourages everyone to work towards a common objective. 
  • Bias for Action: instils a sense of urgency, by accepting the limitations of imperfect and incomplete information, while maintaining adaptability and flexibility in a changing environment. 
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