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Business Consulting

"Facts are stubborn things"

John Adams

In any size business, it’s vital to have a well articulated and substantiated business plan.  Goals and targets provide important guideposts to a team striving to achieve the overall objectives of the plan. 

An Articulated Plan:to clearly understand what the company stands for, who the target customer are and what sets the company apart from the competition.  No successful company can be “all things to all people”. 

A Substantiated Plan: to ensure that the plan is achievable and well founded in facts.  Properly understood, facts allow different opinions to reach agreement on what the business needs are; teams to improve and look for best practices; and ensure team discipline while celebrating milestones.

Solstice’s Business Consulting Services consists of:

  • Value Chain Evaluation
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Functional Benchmarking
  • Strategic Business Plan development
  • Alignment of Corporate Initiatives with Business plan
  • Outsourcing Assessment of Non-Strategic Functions
  • Key Performance Indicators
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