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About Solstice Financial Group

Solstice Financial Group Inc. (“Solstice”) provides Business Owners, Boards and CEOs with strategic advisory services, guiding them through key stages of their business development.

Services include :
  • Business Consulting
  • Family Business Planning
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory
  • Corporate Finance and Divestitures
  • Treasury, Cash and Risk Management Advisory
Additional Merchant Banking Services:

In addition to the above services, Solstice provides Merchant Banking assistance to business owners needing financial partners to help finance key events.  Solstice will invest its capital and, if appropriate, may bring in additional value-added funding partners.

This partnership capital can be brought in to:
  • Finance a Key Acquisition
  • Recapitalize a Balance Sheet
  • Facilitate an Inter-generational Transfer
  • Facilitate a Management Buy-Out
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