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Treasury, Cash and Risk Management

Managing liquidity and risk drivers are important financial responsibilities for running and protecting a business.  Most customers and suppliers are striving to reduce their working capital investment in their business.  Without proper foresight, a business can find itself inappropriately financing its customers or suppliers.

A business can also be at risk for unforeseen and unsupervised factors including; client and/or supplier concentration, a lack of credit and business monitoring, unfavourable contracts with customers or suppliers, and/or currency and commodity fluctuations. Strong treasury and risk management processes and systems can provide better pricing on your financing structure by providing lenders greater comfort.

Solstice’s Treasury, Cash and Risk Management Services consist of:

  • Working Capital analysis
  • Customer and Supplier Analysis
  • Financial Modeling
  • Negotiation of Asset Financing Agreements
  • Negotiation of Customer and Supplier Agreements
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